CSS3 Tutorial


The development of CSS Level 3 (CSS3) started in 2005. In contrast to earlier CSS specifications, CSS3 is modularized [ 1 ] . It is described by separate documents such as the modules Selectors, Media Queries, Text, Backgrounds and Borders, Colors, 2D Transformations, 3D Transformations, Transitions, Animations, and Multi-Columns (Table 1) .

Table 1. Maturity levels of CSS3 modules.
Module Last Update Upcoming
Proposed Recommendation
Selectors (Complete) 15 Dec 09 REC
CSS Color (Complete) 28 Oct 10 REC
Candidate Recommendation
CSS Namespaces (High Priority) 23 May 08 PR
CSS Backgrounds & Borders (High Priority) 15 Feb 11 PR
CSS Multi-column Layout (High Priority) 17 Dec 09 PR
Media Queries (High Priority) 27 Jul 10 PR
CSS Marquee (Medium Priority) 05 Dec 08 PR
CSS Ruby (Medium Priority) 14 May 03 WD
CSS Basic User Interface (Medium Priority) 11 May 04 PR
CSS Style Attributes (Medium Priority) 21 Oct 10 PR
Last Call
CSS Paged Media (Medium Priority) 10 Oct 06 CR
Working Draft
CSS Values & Units (Medium Priority) 19 Sep 06 WD
CSS Cascading & Inheritance (Medium Priority) 15 Dec 05 WD
CSS Text (Medium Priority) 15 Feb 11 WD
CSS Writing Modes (Medium Priority) 01 Feb 11 WD
CSS Generated Content for Paged Media (Medium Priority) 08 Jun 10 WD
CSS Fonts (Medium Priority) 24 Mar 11 LC
CSS Basic Box Model (Medium Priority) 09 Aug 07 WD
CSS Template Layout (Medium Priority) 29 Apr 10 WD
CSS Speech (Medium Priority) 16 Dec 04 WD
CSS Grid Positioning (Medium Priority) 05 Sep 07 WD
CSS Flexible Box Layout (Medium Priority) 22 Mar 11 WD
CSS Image Values & Replaced Content (Medium Priority) 17 Feb 11 WD
CSS 2D Transformations (Medium Priority) 01 Dec 09 WD
CSS 3D Transformations (Medium Priority) 20 Mar 09 WD
CSS Transitions (Medium Priority) 01 Dec 09 WD
CSS Animations (Medium Priority) 20 Mar 09 WD
CSSOM View (Low Priority) 04 Aug 09 WD
CSS Syntax (Low Priority) 13 Aug 03 WD
CSS Lists (Low Priority) 07 Nov 02 WD
CSS Reader Media Type (Low Priority) 24 Feb 04 ?
CSS Generated & Replaced Content (Low Priority) 14 May 03 WD
CSS Line Layout (Low Priority) 15 May 02 WD
CSS Hyperlink Presentation (Low Priority) 24 Feb 04 WD
CSS Presentation Levels (Low Priority) 13 Aug 03 WD
CSS Line Grid (Medium Priority) n/a WD
CSS Scoping (Medium Priority) n/a WD
CSS Grid Layout (Medium Priority) n/a WD
CSS Regions (Medium Priority) n/a WD
CSS Extended Box (Low Priority) n/a WD
CSS Object Model (Low Priority) n/a WD
CSS Tables (Low Priority) n/a WD
CSS Positioning (Low Priority) n/a WD
CSS Math (Low Priority) n/a WD
CSS Aural Style Sheets (Low Priority) n/a WD

A variety of new functions and features have been introduced in CSS3 such as border-radius , box-shadow , background-origin , color declaration in HSL, HSLA and RGBA, text-shadow , text-overflow , word-wrap , box-sizing , attribute selectors , multi-column layout , Web fonts , and speech.

This document is updated frequently. Please come back later to keep up with the updates.


  1. [ 1 ] Meyer, E. A., Bos, B. (eds.) (2001) Module Descriptions and Related Information. In: Introduction to CSS3. W3C Working Draft. World Wide Web Consortium. http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-roadmap/#module . Accessed 09 October 2010