Web Quality Assurance via Standards Compliance

In contrast to most web agencies, Sikos Web Consulting provides full standards compliance; meaningful, structured, and accessible contents; machine-processable contents; optimal code length; interoperability; and proper settings. All these standardization concerns are taken into account at Sikos Web Consulting, which is much more than what people think of when it comes to standards compliance. Websites powered with properly implemented web standards have several benefits:

  • More efficient search engine indexing
  • Faster download time
  • Faster and accurate rendering
  • More users are accommodated, and they probably stay longer
  • Lower development cost
  • Approved accessibility
  • Maximized backward and forward compatibility
  • Optimal content lengths and file size, as well as cost-optimal storage
  • Easier maintenance and content update
  • Later obsoletion
  • Maximized device, browser, and resolution independence

In spite of these benefits, most websites have standards implementation issues. According to a comprehensive validation test series conducted in 2011 on the 350 most popular web sites in the world (selected by the Alexa index), 94 percent of websites fail the web standards validation tests. And these tests covered character encoding, markup, and styles only. If we consider more features, such as serving, the ratio is even worse.

In contrast, we provide full standards compliance. Moreover, with the exception of the most sophisticated, dynamic portals, all our websites are hand coded, making it possible to truly exploit the potential of web standards.