Endangered Online Privacy?

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It is an old data privacy joke on the Internet these days that if you share something on social media portals, all the options should end with MI5, CIA, FBI, NSA, and similar agencies. The truth is that is you are aware of the potential risks in data privacy on the Web, you would take serious security measures to prevent any inconveniences regarding sensitive private or business data. Social media portals such as Facebook also change the Privacy Policy quite frequently, and pretty much no one bothers reading it, partly because of its length and complexity. However, such changes should always be considered when sharing your latest photos online.

Beyond social media portals, even web browsers have privacy issues. The tracking of browsing history in Google Chrome is an excellent example, but even the latest version of Mozilla Firefox sends the URLs of visited sites to Google if the malware protection is turned on (which is the default setting).

It is a well-known fact that Google processes the mailboxes of their free email service. If someone uses Gmail for all the social media registrations, electricity and phone bills, online banking, online purchases, and so on, imagine how much information can be extracted from just the emails! A full personal profile can be created for each user. The interests or activities specific to certain users can also be easily identified. For example, a user searching for a press to print wedding invitations, online shops to buy wedding jewellery, and sites to book a honeymoon holiday is evidently planning to get married in the near future.

The problem exists with file sharing services too. The more and more popular cloud hosting and hosted Exchange with ActiveSync have great prospects, but at the same time they introduce new threats in security and data privacy. One of the fundamental needs for these services is the encrypted data traffic.

Different companies offer different layers of data protection, but how safe is safe? Only one thing is sure: we have to rapidly adopt to the new challenges if we don’t want to expose our private data or lose business secrets online.

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