CSS3 Transforms Published

The W3C published the first version of the CSS Transforms Module Level 1 specification . This CSS3 Module is the union of the CSS 2D transforms, CSS 3D transforms, and SVG transforms specifications. It describes the transform CSS3 property, that can be used for markup elements to be translated, rotated, or scaled in two- or three-dimensional space. Additonally, the transform-origin property is defined, which can be used to control the origin about which transforms on an element are applied. The perspective property, that allows the web designer to create child elements with three-dimensional transforms as if they would be in a three-dimensional space. The perspective-origin property declares the origin at which perspective is applied. The transform-style property allows hierarchies of three-dimensional objects. The backface-visibility property can be applied when an element is flipped using three-dimensional transformations (e.g., the rear side is visible).

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HTML5 To Be Standardized In 2014?
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