Cloud Hosting

Most modern businesses rely on an IT infrastructure that has runup and maintenance costs from software licensing and hardware replacement to configuration costs. Multi-site enterprises constantly face data management problems such as secure file sharing or centralized daily backups. Renewing expensive licenses each year might be not an option for small to medium businesses. Many of these fundamental issues can be address using cloud technologies. Cloud services are more and more popular and widely adopted in the enterprise, healthcare, and government agencies . We offer dedicated virtual private cloud services, which have many benefits over the public cloud , especially in terms of privacy, control, and scaling options.

Due to professional memberships and academic affiliations, our knowledge on cloud computing services is unmatched. We not only have hands-on skills coupled with years of experience in hosting and server technologies, but we also follow the latest cloud computing conferences.

Cloud Hosting And Cloud Backup For South Australian SMBs And Enterprises

Cloud Computing has been changing the IT applications and data management in the enterprise. We offer cost-efficient, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure for businesses in the cloud. These leading subscription-based services are offered in real time over the Internet, meaning anytime access and pay-as-you-go approach while saving you time and money. Our private cloud services, that represent the most popular cloud deployment model for businesses, cover a wide range of cloud hosting , cloud backup , as as well as Software As A Service (SaaS) solutions such as Hosted Exchange and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) like virtual servers . With our file sharing and syncing services, your files can be shared among colleagues and with clients in a safe and efficient way while providing access not only from workstations, but also from iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones alike.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Hosting For Individuals

Using public cloud services is not an option if you don’t want to store your sensitive data on a public infrastructure. Building a personal cloud at home with consumer-level cloud storage devices has serious limitations unless you can run your NAS device 24/7/365, get a static IP address dedicated for your NAS, have your own backup infrastructure, enterprise-level hard drives in RAID , an industry-leading firewall, and so on. The investment on consumer products can easily exceed a few years subscription fee of a private cloud in the data center . Get your own enterprise-level private cloud today!