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CSS3 Transitions Published

The W3C recently published the specification of CSS Transitions, an introduction to new CSS3 features to enable implicit transitions.

MBUI – Task Models Published

The W3C published the first draft of MBUI - Task Models, i.e., the specification of Task Models, with a meta-model expressed in UML, and an XML Schema to be used […]

Linked Data Platform Use Cases and Requirements Published

The W3C published Linked Data Platform Use Cases and Requirements, a set of user stories, use cases, scenarios and requirements that motivate a simple read-write Linked Data architecture, based on […]

HTML 5.1 Specification Updated

The W3C recently updated the specification of HTML 5.1, the first minor revision of the vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML5 and XHTML5. In HTML 5.1, the original HTML 5 […]

Set WatchGuard XCSv As Email Relay For WHM/cPanel

Web hosting and email hosting often provided together. In Web Host Manager (WHM), administrators can choose between the Courier and Dovecot mail servers, both of which support POP3, IMAP, and […]

The Impact of Google Panda On SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can and should be constructive, leading to quality content, faster websites, and better website quality in general. Since it’s been not always the case, Google introduced […]

Professional Web Design Made Affordable

After realizing how many people have concerns about potential costs of a professional website, we decided to provide negotiable prices to ensure that your website fits into your budget. You […]

Is Google Trying To Kill SEO?

In the past few years, content authoring on the Web has changed significantly, partly due to the copywriting techniques applied in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Many people write content primarily […]